Photographer's Guide

What’s different about Lenscapers?

Lenscapers celebrates places. By organising a wealth of photography talent geographically, your work can join a vast targeted marketplace of customers looking for that perfect shot of their hometown, holiday spot or favourite skyline.

First and foremost, Lenscapers is the perfect online portfolio for your land and cityscape photography. But that’s only the beginning. Lenscapers is the whole experience from hosting your work online to getting physical prints into customer’s hands, with printing and delivery handled for you. Couple all that with the ability to search by location and Lenscapers offers a whole new route for your scape photography career!

How does it work?

Creating an account is free and simple. Then you need to get uploading! Whenever you upload an image you can add at least 5 keywords to it, starting with its location. The clearer you make these the better as this will help potential customers find your photos when they are searching for places.

Once your image is approved its ready to go! Not only will you have a professional portfolio to direct people to, but also a comprehensive shop for your work with all the printing and delivery hassle handled for you entirely.

100% of the copyright on the images remains with you, we simply help you sell your work. We may also sometimes ask to use some of your work for promotions or editor’s picks. To see the full terms and conditions of image usage click here.

What’s in it for me?

Not only does Lenscapers give your work a bigger and more targeted audience to display to it also gives you up to 30% of the overall  ex VAT on sale price. To see the complete breakdown of photographer rates click here .

We handle all the hassle with printing, delivery and on the rare occasion if a customer isn't satisfied with their product we deal with these issues too, whilst you sit back and make money on your images just by simply uploading them!

Once you make a sale you will be notified by email and payment will arrive in your account within 30 days. Throughout the year, promotions will be run on the site, which will increase sales and customer traffic. Although prices will be reduced for certain promotions, the volume of sales will hopefully increase, bringing a greater spotlight to the site and your work. You will always be alerted in advance by email when these promotions run.


Helpful tips to get you started

Cropping: It is important to bear in mind when you are preparing your images for upload that all canvas formats require a 3cm bleed. This is due to the canvas wrapping around the wooden frame, so please keep any important subject matter away from the edge of your image(s).

File Size: Because some of our sizes go up to a magnificent 150cm x 100cm, it's important you upload an image which is capable of reproducing at this size. We recommend you....

Collections: This is a good way of keeping your photoshoots together. So for example, if you've uploaded 4 or 5 images of the same location, create a collection and store all these images in one place.

Keywords: It is important to assign keywords to your images. Always start with the location and add relevant keywords to describe your image, this will help direct customers to your image and a sale.

Choose from beautiful photography and create artwork for your home

  • 1000s of images available to choose from
  • Professionally taken images from real photographers
  • Options to create your own bespoke artwork
  • High end printing where you can tell the difference
  • Artwork you’ll be proud to have in your home
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