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Have you ever been somewhere and thought “this view is amazing”, and wished you could just take it home with you?

Have you ever moved away from a place you loved, and wanted to have something to remind you of home?

We all have a soft spot for places we’ve been to in our lives whether it’s something physical that connects us to these locations like a man-made structure or the natural beauty of a river cascading through a valley or just somewhere which triggers a happy emotion through nostalgia.

About 5 years ago I was sat in my friend’s house in Manchester and complimented him on the canvas taking pride of place in his living room but asked “Why New York City Joe?” he explained to me the big branded retailer he purchased it from - which we won’t name but they may have been Swedish! - had a variety of images from all over the world, Paris, Rome, New York... but not his beloved Manchester.

Which got me thinking, what if you didn’t want a mass-produced canvas from the high street but something that was more personal... perhaps, from a local photographer who shared your passion?

How about a website you could visit and simply type in a location and a few keywords and a gallery of images from a variety of photographers appears for you to browse through and then maybe pick one in a selection of formats? …the beginning of Lenscapers was born.

Lenscapers is a platform for you to have a little piece of the places you love. Whether it is your hometown that you’ve moved away from, or a holiday destination, or just an image that makes you feel something special, Lenscapers is the place for you.

This site is dedicated to city and landscape photography giving it a diverse range of images for all to enjoy. Our community of photographers, we lovingly call ‘Lenscapers’ create individual pieces, not mass-produced ones. Not only that, you help these fantastic photographers get paid for their unique and stunning work. So take a look around and maybe you'll fall in love with a place which is picture perfect for you. 

Happy browsing!

Simon Radcliffe - Founder

Choose from beautiful photography and create artwork for your home

  • 1000s of images available to choose from
  • Professionally taken images from real photographers
  • Options to create your own bespoke artwork
  • High end printing where you can tell the difference
  • Artwork you’ll be proud to have in your home
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